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We conduct internationally excellent science to benefit human health with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. MLW is built around excellent laboratories, strategically located in the largest hospital in Malawi, closely linked with the community and an integral part of the medical school. These relationships provide a unique opportunity replicated in few centres in Africa to study major health issues spanning both community and hospital.


Malawi provides a unique supportive environment for our MOP, with government commitment to universal health coverage, strong engagement with research and willingness to innovate around evidence-based public health programmes. MLW surveillance and diagnostic platforms provide clinicians with early indicators of changes in the incidence of common and emerging diseases. Our laboratories lead the region in sophistication, precision, breadth and throughput. Our combination of epidemiologic, clinical and laboratory science allows us, together with internationally leading collaborators, to determine the underlying mechanisms of important diseases. We study individual and community behaviour and bring this together with basic biology in order to plan appropriate interventions that improve health. Our translational pipeline, while providing an excellent academic environment, results in significant clinical trials and we transfer the findings to policy leading to improved health in Malawi and world-wide.


We have two major well- established Programmes with clearly de-fined aims for the next 10 years, built on excellent achievements to date. These Programmes are:



The Programmes have specific objectives and key deliverables for 2018 to 2022. In addition, we have a Strategic Initiative to target selected high burden chronic diseases (lung impairment, stroke, blindness), particularly related to HIV. In partnership with the College of Medicine we have Training Aims to attract, train and retain local and international senior scientists. Through our partnership with the Ministry of Health, our Policy Aims ensure that our research is both relevant and applied to improve human health.



Terlouw Anja - profile


Dianne Janette Terlouw (Anja), MSc MD PhD .
Joint Malaria Theme lead, Scientific lead Chikhwawa Child Survival site initiative
Clinical lecturer/ Medical Epidemiologist

Email: Anja.Terlouw@lstmed.ac.uk; aterlouw@mlw.medcol.mw



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Funded by ACT consortium (BMGF);  EDCTP; Malaria Capacity Development Consortium  (Wellcome Trust); Economic and Social Research Council.

Anja is a medical epidemiologist with >15 years of experience in the field of malaria. She trained at the university of Amsterdam (MD, PhD) and Erasmus university (MSc clin epidemiology). Her research interests include the development of improved (sub-)district malaria monitoring and evaluation methods, and optimizing malaria case-management and dosing regimens in programmatic settings, and has run a number of projects in these areas in Chikhwawa districts funded via The Wellcome Trust, EDCTP and the ACT consortium BMGF, including the ACTia trial, the ADJusT study, and malaria Monitoring and evaluation studies. She contributes to a number of expert committees, including the dosing group of the WHO Technical Expert Group to revise the Malaria Treatment Guidelines (2009 and 2014), the Roll Back Malaria, Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group (MERG, since 2005) and the steering committee member of the Malaria Capacity Development Consortium. She supervises Post-Doctoral candidates, PhD and MSc students.

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