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StevenGordonWelcome to MLW – a large, vibrant and successful research community in southern Malawi! From origins in malaria research, we have expanded over 20 years to now have Programmes in acute infections, disease transmission. We have over 400 employees, working in more than a dozen locations and working from the molecule to the Ministry of Health, from the bedside to the bench and back as well as in the community.

We offer research internships, host doctoral and postdoctoral Fellowships and encourage senior investigators to build Research Groups. Take a moment to explore our Research Groups’ pages on this website in order to sense the breadth and depth of our research. If you are interested and active in medical research, take time to visit us when you come to Malawi.

If you are interested in working with MLW, you might also wish to explore the Wellcome Trust, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and University of Liverpool webpages to understand how our collaborators benefit from work in Malawi.

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