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Lucky Gift Ngwira, comes from Economics, Statistics and public health background and for the past six years (2011-2017) has been working under supervision of Prof Liz Corbett (LSHTM/MLW), Prof Richard Chaisson (Center for TB Research, Johns Hopkins University) and Associate Prof David Dowdy (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) on a National Institute of Health grant (CHEPETSA trial). The CHEPETSA trial is a cluster-randomised trial that has been investigating impact on mortality at one year as well as cost-effectiveness of two diagnostic tests (Light emitting diode fluorescent microscopy and Xpert MTB/RIF) among people recently diagnosed with HIV in rural Thyolo district, Malawi.

Recently, Lucky was awarded a joint Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine-University of Malawi PhD fellowship (supervisors: Prof Louis Niessen, Prof Petrou Stavros and Dr Linda Nyondo-Mipando) by Research Council of Norway as part of the Bronchopulmonary function in REsponse to Azithromycin Treatment for chronic lung disease in HIV-infected children (BREATHE) trial to undertake an economic evaluation. The study is a multi-site, individually randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial of weekly azithromycin for 12 months. The parent trial aims to investigate whether adjuvant treatment with azithromycin results in improvement in lung function in HIV-infected children with chronic lung disease who are stable on antiretroviral therapy. HIV will continue to place a heavy burden on paediatric services in sub-Saharan Africa, however, attention needs to shift to understanding how best to manage the growing cohort of older HIV-infected survivors. A major component of that will involve informing policy makers on the cost-effectiveness of comparable childhood interventions.


The research question that he will try to answer is: Is providing Azithromycin to HIV-positive children (aged 6-16 years) on antiretroviral therapy cost-effective?

Broadly, the aim of the PhD is to undertake a trial-based economic evaluation of weekly Azithromycin in HIV-positive children on anti-retroviral therapy.


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